3D-Printed Timber Stuff Fit To The Fairphone 2

Proprietors of the fresh out of the plastic new Fairphone 2 cell phone will discover these 3D-Printed Wood Accessories from 3D Hub to be a percentage of the most ideal approaches to equip the new gadget without conflicting with the cell phone’s ethos. Made on-interest instead of in groups to control overproduction, the 3D-Printed Wood Accessories incorporate a dock for setting on a work area or a bedside table and even an enhancer to make music sound sweeter from the gadget.

Made utilizing an eco-friendlier mix of materials including wood and bioplastic, the 3D-Printed Wood Accessories are a superior different option for different items available that are overproduced utilizing destructive plastic chemicals. Whenever requested, the frill are printed and dispatched out, yet are as of now just accessible to occupants of a modest bunch of European nations.

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