Homido Mini Glasses

When you think virtual reality glasses, you consider something that is staggeringly cool additionally massive and hard to bear, and this is the place the Homidi Minis emerge from the group. These keen glasses are composed with a plastic casing and lenses that overlay down for simple transportation.

To sweeten the deal even further, you can cut these virtual reality glasses down the focal point of your telephone, making it feasible for you to appreciate a hefty portion of your most loved applications, recreations and different components in virtual reality.

Homido Mini Glasses

At the point when contrasted with a percentage of the other virtual reality headsets intended for use with cell phone applications, the Homido Minis are inconceivably minimized.

Homido Mini Glasses Provides:

  1. Homido Mini Glasses is a Concentrate of VR
  2. Homido Mini Glasses is custom-made lenses
  3. Homido Mini Glasses is foldable
  4. Homido Mini Glasses has hundreds of compatible apps available
  5. Homido Mini Glasses provides enjoyment of 360° videos, 3D content, Youtube and more…

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