At CES 2016, KDX is presenting K3DX 3D Technology, which makes it workable for clients to appreciate 3D content without wearing a couple of uncomfortable 3D glasses. Considering that one of the fundamental reasons that 3D TVs neglected to get on was that each person in a family unit required their own particular costly headset for survey, this innovation makes the guarantee of immersive diversion appear to be a great deal more feasible.

KDX cooperating with Dolby, Philips, Smartphone & Tablet Companies to build a  Global glasses free 3D alliance is providing 3D technology for 3D Packaging includes 3D imaging, 3D optical film, 3D laminating and 3D display.

K3DX Feats:

  •  Multiple formats of input sources
  •  View 3D content, without 3D glasses
  • Eye tracking
  •  HQ 3D content and information
  • Multiple viewpoints
  • Visibility adjustment
  • 3D depth
  • 3D shooting
  • One-stop service: R&D, design and manufacturing
  • 3D content production
  • Software.

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