Kuna Toucan Security Camera

Shown at the current year’s CES 2016 occasion in Las Vegas, the Kuna Toucan is a home security gadget that can be advantageously connected to existing light installations. The open air contraption is perfect for property holders who are searching for a careful security arrangement and changes regular yard lights into cutting edge security devices.

toucan-lifestyle 2Notwithstanding its instinctive outline, the Kuna Toucan security camera is likewise conservative in size, taking into consideration adaptability and simple transport. Clients of the gadget can move its area as they see fit with the assistance of mounting equipment that is incorporated with every item. Kuna‘s shrewd camera brags a top notch video determination, a 100 decibel siren on account of gatecrashers and is even Bluethooth and Wi-Fi prepared, making it perfect with cell phones.


At a glance Kuna Toucan:

  •  Kuna Toucan security camera is a home security gadget.
  •  Kuna Toucan security camera can be connected to existing light installations.
  •  Kuna Toucan security camera is conservative in size.
  • Kuna Toucan security camera is Bluethooth and Wi-Fi prepared.
  • Kuna Toucan security camera provides 720p high-def video resolution.

Kuna Toucan Prize:  $199 (‎£135)

Kuna Toucan release date: Kuna Toucan release date is not confirmed but hopefully will get it mid-2016.


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