The Slate

The Slate‘ is a progressive bit of innovation that permits clients to digitally record their drawings. While numerous individuals have deserted pen and paper for advanced gadgets, there are still the individuals who favor the effortlessness of simple. This gadget conquers any hindrance between the two by offering the best of both universes.

The Slate

The Slate by Iskin is a digitized sketch cushion that can be utilized with any sort of paper and composing utensil. To utilize the gadget, shoppers basically slide a ring onto their pen or pencil and after that start drawing. The ring corresponds with the clipboard to digitally record whatever the craftsman is following. These representations can then be exchanged to the client’s telephone or tablet through the Imagink application.

The gadget is perfect for specialists or architects searching for an approach to continue utilizing pen and paper as a part of the advanced age.

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